Instructions for Viewing Hospital Performance Measures

These easy-to-use instructions will assist you in using this website...

  • Click on any Indicator in the header row to sort all hospitals' data by that measure. When you click on an individual indicator, such as Aspirin at Arrival, the indicator definition will appear at the top of the screen. The lower part of the screen will pause briefly, and then the data will appear. The highlighted column will show the sorted data from highest to lowest.
  • Check the next to a hospital name to highlight all measures about the hospital. You may highlight as many hospitals as you like, enabling you to easily compare multiple hospitals (hospitals will remain bold until you uncheck them).
  • Click on the Hospital Name to view all the data for an individual hospital in one window. A new window will open with all of the hospital's measures.
  • To view hospital information from only one county, select the county from the .
  • Hover over the percentage of an indicator to see the sample size.
  • Press the button at any time to reset the page.

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